Launch & Grow Your Side Hustle While Navigating Your 9-5


Business + Career = :)

We are living in time when having multiple passions and multiple streams of income is not only common, and accepted, but a way to thrive in an ever changing world.

Now is the time to start your Side Hustle!

I'll show you how.

You can do work that you love, that's meaningful to you & earn an incredible income!

Stop day dreaming about starting your own business.

There is a reason why you can't shake this idea. You know you are meant for something more.

This interactive digital workbook was created to help you get crystal clear on what actions to take and in what order to take them, so that you can create your profitable side hustle without risking the security of your 9-5, for now :)

Here's how...


Figure out how to align your passions and talents to a business idea, your current career responsibilities to your side hustle and your desired lifestyle to your business ambitions.


Get inspired with motivation that works! Learn the secrets to having a midset for business and what you must be thinking and doing to make this work! Inspriation is all around you - time to tap in.


This digital workbook is chock full of activities and exercises to help bring your side hustle to reality. I'll teach you what to focus on and in what order to get things moving and grooving fast.

it's so nice to meet you...

I'm Erica! I'm a certified professional business & career coach. I help ambitious woman find their career purpose and go after the life they've been dreaming of!

I have over a decades worth of experience in corporate America and tried my hand at many different side hustles over the years, all while still managing a demanding 9-5. I know alllll about this topic and now I am sharing what I've learned with you.

The whole foundation of my business is built on the belief that when women do work that they love, they change themselves, their families and the world. I'm dedicated to helping my clients do just that.

Thanks for being here :)

Are you ready to make your side hustle dreams a reality?